Sebla B. Kutluay, Ph. D.

Principal Investigator
Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Program
Immunology Program
Computational and Systems Biology Program

Office: Room 8220, McDonnell Pediatrics Research Building
Phone: 314-747-8908

Maritza Puray Chavez

Postdoctoral fellow

Maritza is working on identifying novel mechanisms at the HIV-1-host interface.



Jennifer Elliott

DBBS Graduate student

Jennifer is interested in identifying novel host factors that limit HIV-1 replication.



Christian Shema Mugisha

DBBS Graduate student

Christian is investigating how manipulation of the HIV-1 capsid lattice leads to mislocalization of HIV-1 vRNPs.



Hung (Kyle) Vuong

DBBS Graduate Student

Kyle is investigating the RNA-binding properties of numerous antiviral host proteins and ISGs.



Kasyap Tenneti

Research technician II

Kasyap is developing data analysis pipelines for several next-generation sequencing-based methodologies currently employed in our laboratory. He is also doing a number of experiments trying to understand the selective genome packaging process of retroviruses.


Dana Q. Lawson

Research Technician II

Dana Q. is investigating the novel role of HIV-1 integrase protein in particle maturation.



Kacie Warshowsky

Research Technician II

Kacie is characterizing the antiviral activities of new ISGs.



Keanu Davis

Undergraduate student at Washington University in STL

Keanu is investigating how retroviruses selectively package two copies of their RNA genomes.




Michaela Madison (Research Technician): Off to Cornell Vet School.

Dana Townsend (Research Technician): Currently a research tech at University of Washington.

Jenna Eschbach (Research Technician): Off to graduate school at Washington University in STL.