Sebla B. Kutluay, Ph. D.

Principal Investigator
Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Program
Immunology Program
Computational and Systems Biology Program

Office: Room 8220, McDonnell Pediatrics Research Building
Phone: 314-747-8908

Jennifer Elliott

DBBS Graduate student

Jennifer is interested in identifying novel host factors that limit HIV-1 replication.



Kasyap Tenneti

WUSTL Undergraduate Researcher

Kasyap is developing data analysis pipelines for several next-generation sequencing-based methodologies currently employed in our laboratory.



Dana Q. Lawson

Research Technician

Dana Q. is investigating the novel role of HIV-1 integrase protein in particle maturation.



Jenna Eschbach

Research Technician

Jenna is investigating how HIV-1 integrase-RNA interactions regulate proper particle maturation and assembly of the conical capsid core.



Christian Shema Mugisha

DBBS Graduate student

Christian is investigating how manipulation of the HIV-1 capsid lattice leads to mislocalization of HIV-1 vRNPs.




Michaela Madison (Research Technician)

Dana Townsend (Research Technician)